T-Range DFW (Dimple, Feet and Wings) Dome

• Sizes 6mm to 10mm, With Dimple and Feet, Wings for PCB Location, Other Forces available.
• Used as Contact on PCB applications.

Part Number Size Force With Dimple and Legs – Leg length
T6DFW8-180 6mm 180g 0.8mm
T6DFW8-300 6mm 300g 0.8mm
T6DFW2-250 6mm 250g 2.0mm
T6DFW2-300 6mm 300g 2.0mm
T6DFW2-400 7mm 400g 2.0mm
T7DFW2-250 7mm 250g 2.0mm
T7DFW2-400 7mm 400g 2.0mm
T8DFW-150 8mm 150g 1.0mm
T8DFW-180 8mm 180g 1.0mm
T8DFW-250 8mm 250g 1.0mm
T8DFW2-300 8mm 300g 2.0mm
T8DFW2-400 8mm 400g 2.0mm
T8DFW2-550 8mm 550g 2.0mm
T8DFW3-180 8mm 180g 3.0mm
T8DFW3-300 8mm 300g 3.0mm
T8DFW3-400 8mm 400g 3.0mm
T9DFW2-400 9mm 400g 2.0mm
T10DFW2-180 10mm 180g 2.0mm
T10DFW2-250 10mm 250g 2.0mm
T10DFW2-350 10mm 350g 2.0mm
T10DFW2-400 10mm 400g 2.0mm
T10DFW3-400 10mm 400g 3.0mm
T12DFW2-325 12mm 325g 2.0mm
T12DFW2-450 12mm 450g 2.0mm

Above represents most common types, other pressures available

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