S-Range with Hole

Our S-Range Snap Domes are four leg type switch contacts that are designed for mounting on single or double sided PCB, Flex Circuits and Membrane Switches, where tracks can be fed under the domes on the same side of the board. What differentiates this Clik Domes range  is the hole in the center of the dome. The hole allows for the placement of an LED directly behind the dome switch rather than off set from the switch.

The result is more intense lighting effect. Applications requiring a back-lit switch with extensive tactile feedback are a perfect application for this Clik Dome. Available in 3 sizes and 7 pressures can be used anywhere when a momentary contact is required.

S-Range with hole
S-Range - Dome with hole - SHH14.4-700
S-Range - Dome with hole - STT12.50-350

S-Range - Dome with hole - STT10.4-280

Part Number Dim A Dim B Pressure
STT10.4-280 10.00mm 2.5mm 280g
STT12.4-350 12.00mm 2.95mm 350g
SSF12.4-350 12.00mm 1.5mm 350g
SAF12.4-400 12.00mm 1.4mm 400g
SFD12.4-320 12.00mm 3.3mm 320g
SHH14.4-400 14.00mm 4.0mm 400g
SHH14.4-700 14.00mm 4.0mm 700g

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