S-Range Dome

S-Range our most popular style with size range from 5mm to 20mm in a range of actuation pressures, typical 200-450g, Dimple Non Dimple types, Stainless, Nickel or Gold plate. Our 4-leg crucible dome configuration has been designed to meet our customers individual requirements. With 39 different 4-leg domes from 6mm to 20mm and 170g to 700g we are confident that we can meet any requirement. All CLIK DOMES are designed with leg kick back, which prevents the domes from migrating under the dome spacer on membrane applications, designed in such a way that erosion of the under surface print is not effected. Also check out or new rangle of MicroDomes for small area contact.

Part Number (D) = Centre Dimple Type Size Force
S5.4D-125 5mm 125g
S5.4-150 5mm 150g
S5.4D-170 5mm 170g
S5.4-200 5mm 200g
S5.4-225 5mm 225g
S5.4D-225 5mm 225g
S5.4-250 5mm 250g
S6.4-170 6mm 170g
S6.4-200 6mm 200g
S6.4-230 6mm 230g
S7.4-125 7mm 125g
S7.4-150 7mm 150g
S7.4-250 7mm 250g
S8.4-280 8.4mm 280g
S8.4-350 8.4mm 350g
S8.4-400 8.4mm 400g
S8.4D-220 8.4mm 220g
S8.4D-280 8.4mm 280g
S8.4D-350 8.4mm 350g
S8.4D-400 8.4mm 400g
S10.4-280 10mm 280g
S10.4-320 10mm 320g
S10.4-350 10mm 350g
S10.4-400 10mm 400g
S10.4D-280 10mm 280g
S10.4D-400 10mm 400g
S12.4-200 12.2mm 200g
S12.4-280 12.2mm 280g
S12.4-350 12.2mm 350g
S12.4-400 12.2mm 400g
S12.4D-200 12.2mm 200g
S12.4D-280 12.2mm 280g
S12.4D-350 12.2mm 350g
S12.4D-400 12.2mm 400g
S14.4-400 14mm 400g
S14.4D-400 14mm 400g
S16.4-400 16mm 400g
S20.4-400 20mm 400g
S20.4D-400 20mm 400g
S20.4-2200 20mm 2200g

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