R-Range RDN Dome

• 20 sizes 4mm to 13mm, With Dimple and Feet, Other Forces available.
• Can be used as Contact or Tactile element only.
• R-Range Clik Domes are designed for PCB and Membrane Switch Applications.
• Available as “Pick ‘N’ Stick” or Dome Array’s.

Part Number Size Force With Dimple
R4DN-160 4mm 160g Yes
R4DN-200 4mm 200g Yes
R5DN-175 5mm 175g Yes
R5DN-200 5mm 200g Yes
R6DN-175 6mm 175g Yes
R6DN-250 6mm 250g Yes
R8DN-160 8mm 160g Yes
R8DN-200 8mm 200g Yes
R8DN-240 8mm 240g Yes
R8DN-280 8mm 280g Yes
R8DN-350 8mm 350g Yes
R9DN-240 9mm 240g Yes
R9DN-280 9mm 280g Yes
R9DN-350 9mm 350g Yes
R9DN-400 9mm 400g Yes
R10DN-280 10mm 280g Yes
R10DN-350 10mm 350g Yes
R10DN-400 10mm 400g Yes
R11DN-400 11mm 400g Yes
R12DN-240 12mm 240g Yes
R12DN-280 12mm 280g Yes
R12DN-350 12mm 350g Yes
R12DN-400 12mm 400g Yes

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