Light Distributing Film

Light Distribution Film for Dome Array’s Provides a cost effective back lighting solution more flexible and practical then EL or conventional lighting methods.

Light Distribution Film utilizes LEDS implanted into the circuit, coupled with a PC film processed with Micro Prisms in the key areas to provide an even distribution of light.

This backlighting technology can be incorporated into any of the Dome Array structures that we have available.


• Space saving thin film.

• Demand on power reduced, typically 2 LED lamps can be sufficient.

• Even Backlight effect.

• No requirements or demands on the circuit.

• Physical stability, wear-resistant, long service life.

• Materials: PC, PET, and other optical films

• Thickness: 0.1mm, 0.125mm, 0.178mm, 0.254mm, 0.3mm, 0.381mm

• Size: 150mm × 150mm (Can be optimized to customer requirement)

• Optical properties: brightness > 40cd/m2, uniformity> 45%

• Reliability: 50 million test compression, low-temperature high-impact, high-temperature and high humidity test (Non Tactile type, Tactile Type dependant on Dome Specification)

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