General Specifications

The Below Specifications for Snap Domes are intended as a Guide Only.

Please contact us for more detailed information, as some dome types will exhibit different characteristics.

General Specification
Contact Configuration: SPST, Normally Open.
Contact Bounce (On): <0.3ms
Contact Bounce (Off): <6ms
Switching Current: 005 to 100Ma DC
Operating Temperature: -55°C to 125°C
Storage Temperature: -55°C to 125°C
Humidity: .0-97% (No Condensation)
Contact Resistance: <100Ω
Contact Resistance with Gold or Silver Plating: <1Ω
Voltage/Current Max: 12ms @ 24VDC
Breakdown Voltage: Over 200 Volts
Contact Life: 750K- 1,000,000 Dependant on type and force
Material: SSTL SUS304H
Plating: Gold or Silver optional

Domes are tested to ASTM standards, However, we recommend that all domes are tested to your particular application to ensure compatibility, as this will ultimately determine the functionality of the dome.

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