Dome Array


Clik Dome Systems is a company specializing in the manufacture of Metal Dome Arrays, (Snap Domes) that can be used in many applications where low level switching is a requirement. Using the latest laser cutting technology we are able to produce low cost solutions incorporating a wide range of dome types and constructions, which include.

A Metal Dome Array (Clik Dome Array) is a made up of an adhesive PET sheet that carries metal Clik Dome contacts. It is applied to FPCB’s to function as momentary contacts. The Clik Dome Array is the most cost effective solution for a simple switch providing a superior tactile interface between your equipment and the user Metal Clik Dome contacts on the arrays are positioned over the contact point of PCBs. When a dome is pressed, the center of the dome contacts to the PCB creating a circuit between the traces on the PCB. It is possible to manufacture Clik Dome arrays with various size and pressure to meet customized requests.

CIRCUIT LAYERS – Partial sub assembly using either PET or Polyimide, option for termination.

CIRCUIT LAYERS with LED’s –   Incorporating resin sealed LED’s into the flexible circuit.

EMC – Printing or Foil type protection can be included.

We have access to the widest range of Dome Types (Clik Domes) that are available, giving the design Engineer totally flexibility.

We firmly believe in a “Concept to Customer” approach, which means we will work with you through every stage of the project.

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